Japanese Calligraphy Treasure Box


Paulownia Box and its Content

・Kiri box (Paulownia Box) “omoi”
・Fude (Calligraphy brush) 美”utsukushi”,樂”tanoshi”,志”kokorozashi”
・Sumi (Ink) 松”matsu”,静”shizuka”
・Suzuri (Ink stone) “akari”, Paper weight, water container
・Washi (Japanese paper) “sora”
・Cooper spoon “shizuku”
・Calligraphy pad


In Japanese Calligraphy, we use what are known as the Four Treasures: washi (Japanese paper), suzuri (ink stone), fude (brush), and sumi (ink).

The Four Treasures are essential to the art of Japanese Calligraphy. Through centuries, craftsmen have honed their skills and perfected their arts.

I worked closely with artisans of each trade to develop the custom-made pieces in Showsoku’s Calligraphy Treasure Box.
Every piece is handmade with great care and highest craftsmanship, a product of hundreds of years of Japanese tradition and art.