about “showsoku”


In ancient Japanese, letters were called “showsoku. “

From this, I created the word “showsoku®.”

showsoku is about writing letters to ourselves and to those we love.
It is about letting go of control, letting our breath guide us and allowing the words to flow from within. It is about showing ourselves and others our innermost feelings and thoughts.

To write is to breathe.

Remember that you cannot control everything around you. Relinquish the desire to control, and allow the words to flow out naturally onto the paper. Just as your body breathes, so too will your mind and your heart.

I hope to share with you the joys of putting our feelings into words and expressing those words on paper, as intuitively as we breathe.

May good fortune find you today.

by Shizu      

about “Shizu”

  about Shizu

Shizu is a Japanese calligraphy artist. Her mother, a professional calligrapher, taught her the art from a young age and it became the center of their relationship and her being.
Shizu received her degree in Calligraphy from the University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, and also acquired curator and high school teaching licenses.

Later, she joined the Nihon Moji Bunka Kikou of Kyoto, Japan. At this institute, she studied the history and culture of the written word in eastern Asia, under world-renowned kanji grammatologist and recipient of the Order of Culture, Dr. S. Shirakawa.

In 2004,she became the youngest person to be certified by the institute to teach Shirakawa Grammatology, on which modern kanji education in eastern Asia is based. In 2009, she studied textile design at University of the Arts London (Saint Martins).

Currently, Shizu lives in Japan, often stays in Seattle, USA and other area. As a global calligraphy artist, she hopes to share and spread the joys and wonders of kanji and calligraphy.

For a more peaceful and propserous world

~ showsoku’s commitment to SDGs ~

As a member of the global community, showsoku supports and implements SDGs to help achieve a better and more sustainable world.
Specifically, the following three goals…

  1. Good Health and Well-Being
    showsoku hopes for a world in which people achieve and maintain mental wellness, and treat one another and themselves kindly.
    “As a way to look into our hearts and set ourselves free, showsoku promotes the art of writing as a form of meditation.”

  1. Quality Education
    showsoku supports lifelong education for all people.
    Through online access available regardless of time and place, showsoku promotes learning about the history of kanji, Japanese language and culture.

  1. Responsible Consumption and Production
    showsoku recognizes that we must take care of the Earth and use its resources wisely.
    In order to promote responsible consumption and production, showsoku aspires to spread understanding of how calligraphy tools are made and the value of those items, from the natural, organic materials used to the manual manufacturing processes of the products we offer.